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The following is a list of schools believed to offer training in forensic anthropology, human osteology, and related fields. This list is in no particular order. If interested in one of these forensic anthropology programs it is important to contact the school directly for information, as professors leave and programs change, while webpages are not always updated. Please use the contact form if you have information to add to this page.

Boston University School of Medicine
Masters of Science in Forensic Anthropology. The MS in Forensic Anthropology is designed to train individuals in the theory, practice, and methods of biological and skeletal anthropology employed by forensic anthropologists in medicolegal death investigations. Students will receive extensive training in osteology, forensic anthropological techniques and procedures, human anatomy, crime scene investigation and methods of human identification. Classes are lecture and laboratory based with opportunities for internships and directed studies. Students complete a graduate level research project that culminates into a full-length thesis. This unique program is one of the only graduate forensic anthropology programs in a department of anatomy at a major medical center. This setting will provide students and faculty access to extensive resources and facilities, including a human gross anatomy laboratory and an outdoor research facility.

Forensic Anthropology Center, The University of Tennessee Knoxville
"Forensic Anthropology is offered as a specialization within Biological Anthropology. In accordance with the aims and goals of forensic anthropology, the focus of our program is the application of skeletal biological techniques to the identification of decomposing and skeletal remains for law enforcement and medicolegal agencies and investigations."

C.A. Pound Human Identification Laboratory University of Florida, Gainesville
"The graduate program in Biological Anthropology at the University of Florida includes a sub-specialty in skeletal biology in forensic and paleoanthropological contexts. Students within this unit are offered graduate level courses in human variation, human gross anatomy, comparative anatomy, human growth and development, archaeological methods and techniques, biophotography, and forensic entomology."

University of New Mexico Department of Anthropology
"The Biological Anthropology Program is concerned with modern human biological diversity and the past evolutionary history which has laid the foundations for that diversity. Integral portions of this concern include modern human population genetics and physiological adaptations, past human skeletal biology, bioarchaeology and the associated taphonomy of human skeletal remains, forensic anthropology, and human paleontology. As background to the study of human evolutionary biology, non-human primate behavior, bio-geography, and evolution are also studied."

Physical Anthropology at the University of Hawai'i

Forensic Anthropology Webpage at University of North Dakota, Grand Forks
Undergraduate Program. The Human Forensic Identification Laboratory currently examines all human skeletons discovered in unmarked graves in the State of North Dakota. When possible and practical students are invited to assist in the recovery and analysis of these skeletons.

Wichita State Universtiy Anthropology
Dr. Peer Moore-Jansen has developed a comparative skeletal collection of cadaver (skeletal) specimens and forensic cases that number about 100. WSU has a faunal collection and serves as a repository for a number of government skeletal collections, and recieves about 6-12 cases annually. The department offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in anthropology, and cooperates with the Criminal Justice department in a Forensic Certificate program for all who are interested in forensic science. A more detailed page on the forensic program is under construction.

University of California, Santa Cruz Anthropology

University of Indianapolis Archeology & Forensics Laboratory
B.S. in Archeology and M.S. in Human Biology. The University of Indianapolis Archeology & Forensics Laboratory has a growing collection of human and non-human skeletal materials and includes separate rooms or areas for teaching, wet-processing, artifact and skeletal curation, close-up photography, drafting, computer operations, cold storage, large equipment storage, and skeletal maceration.

University of North Carolina at Wilmington
A. Midori Albert, Ph.D. Forensic Anthropologist's site.

The University of Montana - Missoula
Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degree in Anthropology with Forensic Anthropology Option.

California State University, Los Angeles Forensic Anthropology
"Forensic Anthropology at Cal State Los Angeles is a graduate track only, although undergraduate students may take courses in Forensic Anthropology."

Forensic Anthropology at California State University, Chico
"The focus of the program in forensic anthropology is to apply skeletal and biological principles and techniques to the identification of skeletal and badly decomposed human remains. While the Forensic Identification Certificate is to prepare undergraduates for introductory level positions in forensic science, similar preparation is offered at the graduate Masters Degree level. The Physical Anthropology Human Identification Laboratory (PAHIL) receives approximately thirty to forty requests per year to perform field recovery and morgue consultation for traditional and trauma analysis."

Forensic Anthropology at Widener University, Chester PA
Undergraduate Program that combines offerings in Anthropology, Biology, and Criminal Justice. Forensic Anthropology Minor.

Hamline University Anthropology Department, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Certificate Program of Forensic Sciences. Students must major in one of seven related disciplines (anthropology, biology, chemistry, criminal justice, legal studies, physics, or psychology).

Kansas State University

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Geography & Anthropology
Home of the Forensic Anthropology and Computer Enhancement Services, (FACES) Laboratory. Th FACES lab provides computerized age progressions of missing children and adults.

Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute, Mercyhurst College, Erie PA
Post-Baccalaureate Advanced Certificate in Forensic Anthropology and a B.S. in Anthropology with a concentration forensic anthropology. "Mercyhurst College serves as a regional center through which coroners and law enforcement officials in PA, Ohio, New York, and West Virginia can consult with forensic anthropologists on a wide variety of cases from rural searches to laboratory analyses."

Adelphi University Department of Anthropology
Adelphi University currently offers over 40 credits in Forensic Anthropology and Archaeological Recovery at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and research opportunities in the field and lab are available. The Anthropology department is currently aticipating official establishment of a new Minor in Forensic Anthropology.

Forensic Science at Erindale College, University of Toronto
Forensic Science is a double major, honours B.Sc. Programme. The second major may be in Anthropology , Biology , or Chemistry.

Bournemouth University, UK

Dundee University, Scotland, UK
Undergraduate training course in Forensic Anthropology in the UK

Dundee University, Scotland, UK MSc in Human identification
From department: The course will focus on the principles of biometrics, traditional methods of human identification and verification, current cutting-edge research and the socio-political contexts of human identification. Emphasis is placed on the multidisciplinary nature of human identification. Practical sessions will allow the student to implement a variety of techniques. Issues such as identity theft and identity fraud and problems associated with confirmation of identity in mass disaster incidents are considered in depth.

University of Central Lancashire Department of Forensic and Investigative Science
From department: The MSc in Forensic Anthropology is a one-year taught Maste’s Programme consisting of two semester’s coursework and one semester of an original research project. This course is the only forensic anthropology/osteology MSc in the UK to be based within a dedicated forensics department. UCLan is currently finalising an MSc-level Exchange with three US universities. The site offers a fact sheet on the program, and also be sure to check out the link on the right entitled Course Questions.

Other sites which may list forensic anthropology programs:

AAFS Colleges & Universities
American Academy of Forensic Sciences Programs in forensics.

Reddy's Page on Forensic Science Programs
Huge list.

The California Criminalistics Institute
The CCI "is a unit of the California Department of Justice, under the Bureau of Forensic Services, and provides specialized forensic science training to personnel who are practitioners in the field of forensic science."


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